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Kochi: sawachina


[Development period] December 2019-May 2020

In the winter of 2019, a cola perfumer and a producer, Mr. Ono, who is active in Kochi, conducted a tour around farmers in the area.

On that occasion, we selected a wide variety of ingredients such as citrus fruits, Japanese pepper, Japanese cinnamon, and organic ginger, and waited for the harvest period of each ingredient to produce the first Kochi cola in May 2020.

The sharp and spicy finish has become popular not only in the prefecture but also in other prefectures, and the first batch sold out immediately. Since then, we have continued to make cola using Kochi's rich and seasonal ingredients.

Kochi cola has the name "sawachina", which is derived from the name of the local cuisine of Kochi. The local cuisine, which is bought as ``sarabachi'' and read as ``sawachi'', spreads everything from sashimi to fried foods to sweets on a single plate. You have the freedom to put whatever you want in it.

Sawachi cuisine is an important part of the culture in Kochi, where it is still eaten during celebrations. For Kochi Cola, I was inspired by Sawachi, and I made a cola that packed all the blessings of Kochi into a single bottle.

In the future, we plan to release sawachina using various citrus fruits produced in the prefecture every season. Please enjoy Kochi's cola, which is as free as a saucer.

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