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Kumamoto Prefecture: Kumamoto Craft Cola


[Development period] Continued sales from June 2019 to the present.

"Kumamoto" craft cola sold from August 2019.

Kumamoto Cola was born as Japan's first local cola.

Local cola has become famous in Japan now, but this cola

Developed with Bakki Tsubakihara, a producer from Kumamoto Prefecture.

Kumquats, green mandarin oranges, and brown sugar from Kumamoto Prefecture are used lavishly, and it has a rich taste even though it is a cola.

In addition, we proceeded at a rapid pace of about two months from planning to development.

This Kumamoto Cola initiative with Bakky has gathered over 100% support from Kurafan, and has been featured in various media such as TV and newspapers.

For Tomo cola, this is the first happy initiative that made me realize the potential of local cola.

<Kumamoto Craft Cola Chapter 2>

Since 2021, the brand has been inherited by “Hanauta Kajitsu”, a citrus farm in Kumamoto Prefecture, and has been continuously manufactured by Hanauta.

It seems that it is being drunk in various places in Kumamoto, as long as I am happy.

[Kumamoto Craft Cola]


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