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Gifu: Gifu Cola


[Development period] March 2019 to November 2020

[Scheduled to start selling] From late January 2021 to now, it is still on sale.

Do you know the medicinal herb culture of Gifu?

About 450 years ago, there was a medicinal herb garden on Mt. The medicinal herb culture of Mt. Ibuki seems to have originated from Oda Nobunaga, who is said to have interacted with the Dutch, and was influenced by Dutch studies to grow medicinal herbs on Mt. Ibuki.

In the early Showa period, the ``Kasuga Village Ibuki Herb Association'' was established in order to make Ibuki herb known to the world again. (The package is very tasteful and cute....)

Even after many years have passed since then, the old Kasuga Village at the foot of Mt. Ibuki still incorporates medicinal herbs into their daily lives. For example, in public baths near Mt. Ibuki, medicinal herb baths are commonplace, and if you go to a private house, you can see the scenery of medicinal herbs being dried under the eaves.

The main characters of Gifu Cola are three people in their 20s from Gifu who want to make Mt.

Mr. Katayama, who works as the owner of an organic restaurant in Gifu, came up with the idea of ​​Gifu Cola when he first encountered cola. Mr. Izumino, who works in Gifu, joins in and accelerates the Gifu Cola project.

Mr. Katayama and his colleagues visit Mt. Ibuki to help with the fields , deepening exchanges with people growing medicinal herbs in the mountains. It was become a thing.

The medicinal herbs (Japanese herbs) used in Gifu Cola are not only major ones such as "Mugwort" and "Dokudami", but also "Kakidooshi", which has a refreshing mint-like feeling and a slight dashi flavor, and a taste similar to Western thyme. I plan to use "Ibuki Thymus".

In addition, prior to sales, Gifu Cola crowdfunding, which started in October 2020, received more than 250% support and was introduced by various media.

<Gifu Cola Chapter 2>

Gifu Cola has become a favorite at local events and shops, and has been featured in various media such as newspapers and television.

It has become a popular item and is continuously manufactured.

We also sell Gifu Cola at Tomo Cola,

Please enjoy herb culture.

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