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To enjoy first-class Japanese ingredients,

Tomo cola cola making.

Craft cola, a return to origin.

Tomo-Cola aims to explore food and utilize Japanese ingredients,

A craft cola brand created by perfumer tomo in the summer of 2018 .

At a time when the word “craft cola” did not yet exist in the world,

It was born as a pioneer brand of craft cola.

Tomo-Cola's products and activities have a uniform taste and flavor in every region.

It has been veiled for over 100 years with an unhealthy image

We aim to revamp the concept of cola.

Cola was first born in America in the late 1800s,

As a medicinal drink made from spices and herbs from all over the world,

It was close to modern curry and hot pot.

Tomo cola shows respect for this history and returns to the original cola making.

We use only 100% natural ingredients and manufacture completely additive-free cola.

Coke localization. Fusion with Japanese rare materials.

At Tomo-Cola, we visit fields and mountains all over the country every year and meet producers.

I am deepening my knowledge of Japan's precious plants and fruits.

Incorporating valuable Japanese spices and herbs that live in various parts of Japan into cola making,

We aim to "localize" Cola.

Japan's lost food culture through cola

I wish I could bring back my interest in crops and tell you.

We are working with partners in various places to make local craft cola.

our products and activities

We hope that it will continue to stimulate the taste and curiosity of those who drink it.