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Tomo cola drink comparison 3-piece set

クラフトコーラの世界を覗いてみたい方におすすめ、ともコーラの3銘柄が楽しめる飲み比べセットです。 王道のthe original wild、日本の素材だけを使ったリアルジャパンコーラ、そしてご当地コーラ5銘柄の内の1つを選び、合計3点のクラフトコーラを味わっていただけます。

Recommended for those who want to take a peek into the world of craft cola.

You can choose the original wild of the royal road, the real Japan cola that uses only Japanese ingredients, and one of the 5 local cola brands, so you can taste a total of 3 craft cola.

This set is recommended for those who want to enjoy the difference of craft cola, compare drinking with everyone, or want to hold an event.

Local cola will be randomly selected from Kochi, Tokushima, Gifu, Kagawa, and Nara.