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Local craft cola tasting set

全国のご当地クラフトコーラが手軽に飲み比べできるセット。これまでに手掛けた全5地域のご当地コーラの中より3地域の銘柄を選んでお届けいたします。 どのご当地コーラが入っているかは、開けてからのお楽しみです。 各地域の味わいの違いをワインのテロワールを感じるように感じてくださいませ。

A set that allows you to easily compare local craft cola from all over the country.

We will randomly select and deliver 3 regional brands from all 5 regional colas that we have been working on since 2019. I'm looking forward to seeing which region is in it after opening it.

Please feel the difference in the taste of each region as you feel the terroir of wine.

<Local cola brands>

Kagawa | Kagawa Cola is born! An elegant Wasanbon cola made with Wasanbon molasses, made in the same way since the Edo period.

Kochi | Refreshing and stimulating taste with Japanese pepper, ginger, salt, and seasonal vinegared mandarin oranges

Gifu |Incorporating plenty of medicinal herbs from Mt. Ibuki, the taste is deep and addictive

Tokushima | Yuzu, Yuzu, Sudachi, and fermented Awa Bancha for a mild flavor

Nara |Tachibana and Yamato Toki, which are mentioned in Manyoshu, and a mature taste with astringency using tree skin