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localize cola

Since 2019, Tomo Cola has been traveling around Japan and promoting the “Local Craft Cola Project” with local partners!

Starting in Kumamoto, plans are underway for Kochi, Gifu, Nara, Tokushima, and Hokkaido.

Tomo Cola's perfumer started this project with the desire to convey the rare vegetation and fruits of various parts of Japan in a way that is easy for modern people to understand. There are also cases where we use truly valuable ingredients such as those found in the mountains behind us, and we can only make cola with a network of local people.

And the owners of this local craft cola are local people, not Tomo cola.

"I want to make something that will be a local specialty", "I want to mix all kinds of ingredients to make local cola".

For inquiries about joint development of local cola, please contact us from the inquiry page.