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Explain why craft cola is high in calories


In this blog, I will introduce the reason why "Craft Cola Calories" has a higher nutritional value than regular craft cola.

Calories in craft cola

Tomo cola has 38.8 calories per 100ml, and Japan's most famous cola has 46 calories per 100ml. Just looking at this, it's just a little low in calories, isn't it so healthy? I think, but there is a big difference between craft cola and general cola, including cola.

What are artificial sweeteners

Have you ever seen an artificial sweetener listed on the ingredient list of a typical cola or zero-calorie soda?

Major colas use low sweeteners and synthetic sweeteners instead of sugar to reduce calories and cost and provide sweetness. While it certainly reduces calories, it is also said to be highly likely to lead to obesity and diabetes. The reason for this is that normally when humans ingest sweets, their blood sugar levels do not rise, but with artificial sweeteners, blood sugar levels do not rise easily, so even though the body is ingesting sweets, the brain does not receive the signal and is confused. There is a risk that you will eat more and more sweets.

In addition, since the main ingredient of cola is cane sugar instead of white sugar, it has the nice feature of not cooling the body, making it a cola that is more pleasing to the body than the difference in calories.

Here is the article I referred to

Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Metabolism (Kanazawa Medical University School of Medicine Hygiene Associate Professor Masaru Sakurai)

The nutritional value of craft cola is high.

Why is craft cola so nutritious? The reason for this is that craft cola often uses natural materials and contains nutrients such as sugars, dietary fiber, and lipids from those materials. These nutrients are essential for your body and you can get the nutrients you need for good health.

Drinking craft cola

Consuming kraft cola affects weight, blood sugar levels, and metabolism. In particular, moderate intake can help maintain weight control and balance blood sugar levels.

Craft cola and exercise

Craft cola is highly correlated with exercise. Moderate consumption may help replenish energy and boost metabolism before and after exercise. But balance with exercise is also important. Excessive intake can also adversely affect exercise results.

craft cola and diet

Craft cola contains sugar and caffeine, which are necessary nutrients to replenish energy. However, excessive consumption can lead to weight gain and a slowed metabolism. Therefore, when consuming craft cola, it is important to consume the appropriate amount.

Conclusion and Advice

Unlike regular cola, craft cola is said to have a high nutritional value. This can also affect your weight, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and more. Exercise and balance are also important. Therefore, it is important to take an appropriate amount while comparing with the calorie required per day. This allows you to live a healthy life while enjoying craft cola.

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