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Craft cola sticks to spices



Have you ever thought that there is a special drink that will not only quench your thirst, but also stimulate your taste buds and leave a lasting impression? I found such a drink, the drink that sparked the drink craze, Craft Coke and Spice. But what is it and why is it so special?

II. Birth of craft cola

The craft beer revolution of the 80's and 90's ushered in a new era of creative and unique beverages. Craft Coke was no exception. It was born out of a desire to move away from the artificially flavored, mass-produced cola that dominates the market. This was a drink that was not just about taste, but about the quality of the ingredients, the story behind it, and the experience of drinking something special.

III. Spices and Craft Coke

Spices have been used in cola since ancient times, but in recent years they have been used in craft cola. Craft cola is different from regular cola in that it is made with special ingredients. Spices are also carefully selected. The fusion of these creates a craft cola spice with a distinctive aroma and taste.

Popular spice types include cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. In addition, fragrant ones such as lemongrass and green pepper are also used. Craft cola spices made with these can enjoy a different flavor than regular cola.

Additionally, craft cola spice is used in recipes. For example, there are cocktails with craft cola spice and ginger syrup, and hot drinks with craft cola spice. These recipes open up fun possibilities for craft cola spices.

IV. Benefits of Craft Cola Spice

Craft cola spice is quite different from regular cola. Common cola contains many artificial ingredients such as sugar and artificial sweeteners, but craft cola spice is made using natural spices. For this reason, craft cola spice is said to be good for your health.

Also, regular cola is not pleasant to drink even if you drink a lot of it, but craft cola spice is said to be pleasant to drink because it has a strong spice effect.

V. How to make easy craft cola spice at home

The materials needed to make it are:

  • 1700g millet sugar
  • 2000ml water
  • 2 citrus fruits of your choice (sliced)
  • 15g cardamom
  • 15g cinnamon
  • 10g black pepper
  • 15g allspice
  • 15g cloves
  • 10g lavender
  • 10g coriander seeds
  • a few drops of vanilla essence
The steps are like this:

  1. Add the sugar to the boiling water, turn the heat to medium, and when the sugar dissolves, add the spices and simmer for 15 minutes.
  2. It's also a good idea to add the spices that are easy to smell at the same time as the citrus fruits later.
  3. Add the sliced ​​citrus and simmer over low heat for another 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool down. When the remaining heat is removed, add vanilla essence and let it rest in the refrigerator for half a day.
  4. As a point of making, it is important to adjust the amount of spices. You can add more or less spice according to your taste. Also, it is important to adjust the amount of sugar. Too much sugar will make it too sweet, and too little will make it bland.

VI. Summary

In this blog post, we explored craft cola spice in detail. First, I explained what craft cola is, what the spices are, and what they combine to make craft cola spice. Next, I explained the birth of craft cola. Along with the birth of craft beer, craft cola was also born. He also explained about spices and craft cola, their compatibility, popular spice types, and recipes using spices. In addition, he explained the benefits of craft cola spice, such as the difference from regular cola, health benefits, and drinking comfort. Finally, I introduced how to make craft cola spice. I explained in detail the materials, the procedure, and the points of how to make it.

Through this blog post, you will be able to understand the characteristics of craft cola spice and the recommended points. We will continue to provide articles about such delicious things in the future.

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