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eatripsoil | Products that make conversation lively

eatripsoil | 会話が弾む商品

This time, we will introduce Yuri Nomura's shop in a corner of a commercial building in Omotesando.

We visited the popular grocery and experience shop“eatrip soil” .


To eatrip soil, who has been handling cola since the opening in November 2019,

We asked them about what they value and the communication that occurs between them and their customers through their products.



(Tomo cola) How do you choose the products that eatrip soil handles ?

(Mr. Okazaki, eatrip soil) We handle items that make you feel the passion of the producers . Those who grow vegetables and rice from the soil, and those who make seasonings that easily make dishes more delicious and support a fun dining table. It's all about nourishing your mind and body .


(Tomo cola) All the products here are so particular that I want to pick them up, and I actually do a lot of shopping in my private life (laughs).

Thankfully, it's been more than a year since you provided Tomo cola.

(Mr. Okazaki, eatrip soil) This is one of the products that sparks conversation as customers ask, "What is this?" . Above all, it is delicious and we can propose various arrangements, which is the reason why it is a standard item in eatrip soil.


(Tomo cola) I see. I'm very happy to know that it's a product that has triggered conversations with customers. What kind of conversations are being generated?


(Mr. Okazaki, eatrip soil) When I tell people that cola was originally a medicinal drink , many people are surprised and buy it because they want to try it. The fact that eatrip soil serves chai with soymilk is one of the reasons why conversations are lively, asking, “Is cola chai?” has become

(Tomo cola) I see, I think many of the eatrip soil customers are curious, so they seem to be interested in stories about history and spices. I would be happy if I could hear the impressions and images of the staff about the products.


(Mr. Okazaki from eatrip soil) When serving as chai at a store, it's a great ally because it's easy to serve a delicious drink . It is a fun product that is recommended for anyone who is pleased with a small gift.

(Tomo cola ) It's also unique that eatrip soil proposes Tomo cola with soy milk instead of soda. It fits the friendly atmosphere of the shop. Lastly, if you have any frank opinions, such as what you want Tomo Cola to do, please.


( Mr. Okazaki, eatrip soil ) There are more types of local cola available now, and when eatrip soil focuses on the region, I will propose it together. I think it would be fun again if I could. I've introduced your company's website, but it would be appreciated if there was a small and simple recipe booklet.


(Tomo cola) Certainly, eatrip soil carries a variety of products from "reliable producers all over the country", so I feel that it has a high affinity with local cola efforts. I am very much looking forward to such collaborations in the future.

Thank you very much.

[Bonus] Mr. Nomura, the owner of eatrip soil, uses cola, which is his favorite way to use cola. It seems that a few drops of cola are added just a little for a hidden taste. Everyone please try it!

 <Store information> Store name: eatrip soil / Address: 5-10-1 GYRE 4F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 (3 minutes walk from Meiji Jingu Station) / Business hours: 12:00 to 18:00 / Closed: Mondays / instagram: @eatripsoil



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