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3 bottles of CBD cola

Japan's leading CBD maker "One Inch Co., Ltd." and the original craft cola "Tomo Cola" have team...

Japan's leading CBD maker "One Inch Co., Ltd." and the original craft cola "Tomo Cola" have teamed up to create Japan's first CBD cola drink !

(* Japan's first RTD genre containing CBD)

1) What is the appeal of CBD cola?

A refreshing and gorgeous taste with 13 kinds of spices and 3 kinds of domestic citrus. It is recommended when you want to relax, whether you are alone or in a large group. It is a cola containing CBD ingredients that is good for the body without using any synthetic sweeteners or preservatives.

2) Contains 15mg of CBD per bottle <br> Contains 15mg of the highest level of CBD drink in Japan. We use water-soluble CBD manufactured in a domestic factory.

3) Ready-to-drink RTD style. Development and release over 3 years <br>Commercialization has been realized after about 3 years from the encounter with one inch and cola. It is a confident product that was born after repeated discussions and prototypes.

★ About the safety of the CBD ingredients used this time ★

① Use only high-quality and highly transparent raw materials
The raw material of CBD is extracted in compliance with Japanese law from Kat's naturals, a company in Tennessee, USA, which was also selected as "20 Best CBD Oils To Try This Year" in 2020 by the US economic magazine "Forbes". We only import raw materials that are traceable and highly transparent.

(2) Doping tests are also conducted The supplement "CBD100" on sale has undergone doping tests at NSF International, and it has been confirmed that it does not fall under doping as a substance, so even athletes can use it.

③ Three cannabinoid tests conducted by a third-party organization Each lot is tested by a worldwide third-party organization for a total of three cannabinoid tests: once before import, once after import, and once after commercialization. We have confirmed that it does not contain THC.

Delivery will be from 2/9. Thank you for your understanding.